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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pistol 'SPY' yang Paling GENIUS

Wow, this is the real stuffs of James Bond. I wish i can get one of those genius little gun.. Deadly nice!!

Lock key Caplock pistol. Europe. 19th c. 9mm caliber.

 1869, Brass Knuckle-Pistol Combo

 Classic Pen Pistol

 Mobile Phone Gun – .22 caliber gun disguised as cell phone.

 Pistol inside a padlock.

Pistol Ring

Pocket Watch Pistol

Smoking Pipe Gun

 The 410 Magnum Umbrella Shotgun

The Hook Pistol (Is It Possible??!!)

Zippo Lighter Gun (This Is The Coolest!!)

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1 comment:

no_answer said...

smart siot !

amazing dorang boley buad macam tuh ..
aku cuma tahu yang cincin tuh je