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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, first of all, i'm a gooner. I LOVE Arsenal and i don't care whatever people wanna say about it, espeacially my friends, that majority of them are UNITED fans. Before the game between Arsenal and Barca, i've been told that the GUNNERS ARE IMPOSSIBLE and NEVER GONNA WIN againts BARCA. So now, all of them now can shut their big talking mouth (hahaha). Now they know what ARSENAL can do! but that's just only the first leg and the second leg is coming. I can't never be pleased if arsenal lose at the NOU CAMP. So now, i represent for all of the gooners to hope Arsenal can HOLD the best club in the world (wenger said,not me.) from winning againts us. IN ARSENE WE TRUST!!

 Credit to: Arsenal Malaysia